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Websites For When You're Bored

Feeling the burnout? Or just plain bored at work? Looking for cool websites to visit? Don't worry, as we've got your back!

9 min read

Best Coworking Spaces in Berlin

The best coworking spaces in Berlin are Betahaus, St. Oberholz, Thunderbolt Collective, tuesday coworking, b+office, Motion.lab, KAOS, and KleinMein Coffee & Coworking.

7 min read

Top Developer Communities to Join in 2023

The best developer communities you should follow in 2023 are Product Hunt, Hacker News, Daily.Dev, Reddit, GitHub Forum, TLDR, and others.

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8 Must-Try ChatGPT Plugins for Tech Professionals

The best ChatGPT plugins for tech professionals in 2023 are Ask Your PDF, Speechki, ScholarAI, Link Reader, Wolfram, DeployScript, Video Insights and Speak.

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10 Best GitHub Repositories: Hidden Gems for Developers

Explore the uncharted territories of GitHub with our handpicked selection of repositories, offering a perfect blend of beginner-friendly and advanced projects.

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The Best Alternatives to GitHub Copilot in 2023

Top alternatives to GitHub Copilot: features, integration capabilities and pricing.

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Top 9 Ways ChatGPT Will Accelerate Society’s Collapse

The hype around generative AI has gotten so wild that even the creator of ChatGPT, Sam Altman, is begging Twitter Tech bros and Lazy LinkedIn influencers to lower their expectations.

6 min read

What is AutoGPT and How to Use It?

Explore the possibilities of AutoGPT and its benefits for employees across industries, and discover the exciting future of AI assistants.

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Best AI Movies to Watch This Year

Discover the top AI movies of the year! Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures and thought-provoking stories about artificial intelligence.

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Best Way to Learn Linux 🎮

Master the art of Linux with a dash of humour! Dive into our entertaining guide to learn Linux through games on the web. Begin your journey today!